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Power Generation - Oil & Gas

Power Augmentation - Cooler Air improves Gas turbine Performance

Choosing Evaporative Cooler or Chiller Coils to Create Higher Mass-Flow Rate.  Cooling the combustion air ingested by the turbine – even by a few degrees – can increase power output substantially. This because cooled air is denser and therefore gives the turbine a higher mass-flow rate and pressure ratio, resulting in increased turbine output and efficiency – as much as 0.5% per degree Fahrenheit or about 1 % per degree Celsius.

Another advantage in Cogeneration are the higher exhaust mass flows, resulting in more steam generation for the steam turbine.

During the hottest part of the day, evaporative cooling can decrease inlet air temperatures up to 20°C.

Donaldson evaporative coolers and chiller coil systems are currently cooling gas turbine engines all over the world, from Southern California to Saudi Arabia -- in hot & arid climates, hot & humid climates, and in places with seasonal heat.

Bedrock International offers Donaldson Inlet Cooling or Chilling as an upgrade to existing Air-Intake systems.

Inlet Cooling

How It Works
(1) When the filtered air passes through the saturated evaporative cooling media, water evaporates off the wet media. This evap- oration is the process that reduces the air temperature.
(2) Excess water that does not evaporate is directed downward so as not to be carried along with the cooled air.
(3) Cooled air then passes through the integral mist eliminator, where leftover water droplets are removed.
(4) Clean, cooled air is then directed into the turbine inlet.

Inlet Chilling

How It Works
As airflow passes through the chilled coils, the air is cooled
through an indirect heat exchange with the cooling A fluid. The air then passes through drift eliminator media and into the turbine.  The coils are cold and therefore condensation is created. Condensate droplets are directed downward and collected in pans, then directed out of the system. Typically, all condensation is eliminated this way, but to ensure air dryness, mist eliminator panels are in place to remove any stray condensate droplets.

For Further inquiry about Inlet Cooling or Chilling, Please Contact Us

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