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Process Controls

Bedrock International through it's special alliance with Manufactures direct representative and Licensed Distributor representing over 20 Principal Manufacturers, providing a full line of Process Instrumentation and Control Products dedicated to the manufacturing of:

  • Valves:  Butterfly, Ball, Globe, Check, Plug, Gate, Diaphragm, Angled-Seat, Lined, and Solenoid.
  • Actuators:  Manual, Gear, Pneumatic, Electro-Mechanical, Electro-Hydraulic.
  • Valve Automation/Maintenance Services
  • Process Instrumentation:  Sensors, Switches, Gauges, Transmitters, Flow Meters, Ultrasonic, DP Pilot Tube,  and Level Switches.
  • Analytical Instrumentation:  ph/ORP, Turbidity, Free CL2/CLO2/O3, etc.
  • Gas/Flame Detection Instrumentation:  Combustible/Toxic Sensors, Transmitters, Controllers & Special Engineered System Solutions.
  • ​Cabinets/Shelters/Enclosures:  UV/Marine/Fungal/Fire/Impact Resistant.

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