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Additional Services

Additional Services


From advantageous business introductions, to informing on foreign laws and regulations, our years of professional experience, solid contacts and creativity, provide a seamless, worry-free transition of merchandise from manufacture to final destination.

One of our biggest advantage is the relationships we've established with government and private organization within the Middle East region, especialy within the Republic of Iraq.

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer an uncompromised Service to our customers when they need it most.  Our strategic alliance team of highly skilled personnel provides Engineering and Technical solutions to leading Companies such as OEM’s, Operators, or EPC Contractors engaged in all aspects of the industry globally.

Our Company is focused on international trade with the Republic of IRAQ.  We have dedicated our energy and resources for such a task.  We're exerting ourselves to the goal of bringing quality products and services to IRAQ from all over the world and helping foreign companies, governmental agencies, and the like, access to the country's desperate need to rebuild.

With our experience of over 35 years of commerce within and outside this country and by our established network of key individuals, which are in positions that can greatly facilitate the process of obtaining orders/contracts for various products and/or services, we will achieve our goals.  We are becoming the bridge between various companies of product and service, and this country of need.

With most of our principles of Iraqi descent, BEDROCK INTERNATIONAL has again a unique advantage with establishing trade relationships with this country.

Should you seek quality, professional Representation of your product and/or services, within the territory of IRAQ or the Middle East.  BEDROCK INTERNATIONAL is your answer.

For Further inquiry about our Representation Services, Please Contact Us

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