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Medical/Disaster Relief

Medical/Disaster Relief

Bedrock International has established a synergitic partnership with Internation Industrial Medical Group (iiMG), iiMG-USA is a subsidiary of Bedrock International.

iiMG&Co, along with its partner organisations, provides quality hospital equipment and supplies worldwide.

iiMG&Co specialises in servicing and supporting procurement in routine and emergency situations for:
United Nations, International and relief agencies (Red Cross, Red Crescent, NGOs) Governmental and non-governmental institutions and All other humanitarian and charitable organisations.

iiMG&Co can provide and markets the following services:
Best quality/price/service/delivery of Medical Equipment.
Everything up to a full turnkey hospital/clinic for fixed or/and temporary field hospital units in 50 and 200 bed configurations.
Mobile and fixed hospitals (1 hospital in 1 plane) / EEC and WHO standards.
Mobile and fixed emergency units (1 unit in 1 plane) / EEC and WHO standards.
Relief accommodation such as tents, blankets, clothing, sleeping bags and mats, tarpaulins, beds, etc.
Mobile and fixed camps / UN standards.
Tents and refugee requirements (kitchenware, mattresses, blankets, mats, lamps, etc) / UN standards.
Nutrition products and all types of food, from emergency rations to products for preparation in high-volume field kitchens, water purifiers, stoves, etc.
First aid kits, health kits, and other medical and logistic supplies to meet international standards
Medicines, drugs kits (IEHK), vaccines / according to WHO standards.
Any product or service related to the Medical or Emergency need.

Among iiMG clients are:
United Nations, international organisations (WFP, UNHCR), Red Crescent, Red Cross, governments, private institutions, universities and educational institutes, NGO's.

For further information about iiMG, please visit:

Anand International
iiMG through it's strategic partner Anand Internation, provides Emergency Relief Products world wide.

Anand International is one of the largest integrated manufacturers and exporter house of Emergency relief products (Fleece Blankets, Woolen and Cotton Blankets, tarpaulins, Mosquito nets and sleeping mats and many more textile products).

Anand International is an India-based international company specializing in complex emergency response and Disaster control products. It is guided by a unique Humanitarian Entrepreneurship business model, whose "profit for a purpose" approach has turned humanitarian responsibility into its core business.

For further information about Anand International, please visit:

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