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Power Generation - Oil & Gas

Air-Intake Systems

Repair & Maintenance

Bedrock International Gas Turbine alliance team has been working in the field performing all kinds of repair and maintenance services on Heavy Duty Industrial Gas turbines, Steam Turbines, Aero Derivative Turbines, Turbo Expanders, Centrifugal Compressors, Generators, Transformers, Switchgear, DCS, Control Systems from Equipment Manufacturers such as General Electric, Alstom, Siemens, Old English, Westinghouse, Fiat, Hitachi, Solar, and Rolls Royce.

Operation & Maintenance

We can provide you with the comfort of a complete Operations and Maintenance team in the form of O&M Agreement or we can simply support your own personnel with the individual requirement based on your specific needs.

With the experience of our Gas Turbine alliance team, we can assist you in achieving maximum availability at a minimum cost.  Take a look at some of the services we can offer as part of our overall package.

Our Gas Turbine alliance team has many years’ experience working on the following:

 Heavy DutyIndustrial Gas Turbines
 Steam Turbines
 Aero Derivative Turbines
 Turbo Expanders

 Centrifugal Compressors
 Generators & Transformers
 Switchgear & DCS
 Control Systems for wide range of Equipment Manufacturers


 Operations Manager
 Maintenance Manager
 Resident Engineer
 QA/QC Manager
 Planning Manager
 Warehouse Manager
 CMMS Engineer
 Shift Charge Engineer
 Shift Operators
 HSE Advisors
 Training Coordinators
 Procedure Writer


 Lead TA
 Mechanical TA
 Electrical TA
 Controls TA
 Excitation Engineer
 Generator Specialist
 Protection Engineer
 Borescope Specialist


 Mechanical Superintendent
 Mechanical Supervisors & Fitters
 Electrical Supervisors & Fitters
 I&C Supervisors & Technicians
 Pipe Fitters
 Certified Welders
 Steel Workers
 Boilermakers
 Equipment Operations

For Further inquiry about Operations/Repair/Maintenance, Please Contact Us

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