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Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) Units


Advantages of ACC Units?

Single Row vs. Multi-Row

  • Multi-row tubes are old technology, that are rarely used in ACC's today
  • Multi-row tube is fine for ACHE with water, not for ACC with steam
  • Single row technology is the state of the art for ACC's in modern Power Plants
  • Single row tubes have a larger cross section, which is better for steam condensation
  • Most EPC's limits the number of tube rows to 2
  • Older power plants are replacing multi-row ACC's with single row technology
  • Single row tubes do not burst when frozen, round tubes burst, causing damage
  • It's difficult to identify a leaking tube with multi-row ACC's
  • Multi-row is very sensitive to fouling - Single row with single fin is not
  • Only single row ACC capability can be restored with cleaning system
  • Flat (single row) tubes guarantee higher perfomances under all conditions

Project Related

  • Shorter delivery times
  • High flexibility in local material sourcing
  • Capacity to deliver turn-key projects

In General

  • Company dedicated to ACC only
  • Highly experienced and flexible team
  • Global presence

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