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Conversions & Retrofits

Bedrock International Provides the following Conversion & Retrofit services for Air-Intake systems.

  • Replacing static air intakes with Donaldson Self-Cleaning systems
  • Revamping air intake systems
  • Replacing competitor air Intake to Donaldson system

Replacing Static Air-Intake with Self-Cleaning

Static system intended for low dust environments, Not Suitable for territories like the Middle East.    

     -  High Maintenance

     -  Frequent shutdowns - unreliable 

     -  High OPEX


Over 90% Savings in Operational Cost - Smart Investment

Self-Cleaning systems provides excellent protection with only

10% of the Operational Cost of Static Filtration.

     -  Higher Power output due to reduced losses

     -  More Power with Less Shutdowns

Revamping Air-Intake Systems

Revamp old air intake systems and move to newest technologies to benefit from:

1.  Easier Maintenance                           3.  Better Performance

2.  Higher Reliability                                4.  Lonber Filter Life

Replacing competitor Air-Intake to Donaldson System

For optimal performance switch to Donaldson Air-Intake Systems.

Before:  ASC I

After:  Donaldson GDX3 System

For Further inquiry about Conversions & Retrofits, Please Contact Us

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