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Filtration Solutions

Donaldson Gas Turbines Systems

Cartridge Filters

Whatever brand cartridge-style filter house you have,Donaldson has a filter for you. If you didn’t get Donaldson filters originally, try upgrading to Donaldson Spider-Web, Donaldson's proprietary nanofiber media technology, for higher efficiency filtration and better turbine output, or Spider-Web XP for extra performance.

Filter Media Choices

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GDX & GDS Filters

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LM6000 Filters

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Non-Donaldson Filters

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Proven Protection

These blades were taken from turbines operating side by side in a desert  environment. 

The blade on the right was protected by a Donaldson  pulse filter system, and the one on the left was not.

Donaldson (on right)

Commodity (on left)

Blade Section Behind

Commodity Filters

Blade Protected by

Spider-Web Filters

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