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Air-Intake Upgrades

Bedrock International Provides the following Upgrade services for Air-Intake systems.

  • Inlet Treatment
  • Dust Extraction
  • Power Augmentation (Cooling & Chilling)
  • 2nd Stage Filter Addition
  • Quick-Lock Yokes

1.  Inlet Treatment - D-Fog

As the first line of defense against moisture, the D-Fog Pleated Element is an essential upgrade.

2.  Dust Extraction Upgrade

Upgrade the dust extraction system for:


  • Increased Performance - Fan Motors
  • Collection - Screw Conveyor

3.  Power Augmentation Upgrade

Click here for more info.

4.  2nd Stage Addition Upgrad

Upgrade with the addition of a 2nd stage Filtration

  • To achieve higher filteration efficiency
  • To allow online filter replacement

5.  Quick-Lock Yokes Upgrade

Replace existing yokes with Donaldson's newest Quick-Lock Yokes Technology.

  • ​For easy Filter Replacement 


  • Improved Gasket Sealing


  • No Human Error 
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Faster & More Secure

Watch Video for a full demonstration

GDX Brochure

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For Further inquiry about Air-Intake Upgrades, Please Contact Us

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