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Fired Heaters

JNK Heaters Company

Pyrolysis Furnaces (Naphtha/Ethane Cracking Furnaces)

The Naphtha/Ethane cracking heater, the heart of the ethylene plant, is the critical piece of equipment for the ethylene process.  An ethylene pyrolysis furnace and an ethylene dichloride furnace are our other major business items.

For Further inquiry about Pyrolysis Furnaces (Naphtha Cracking Furnaces), Please Contact Us

Ethylene Pyrolysis Furnace

End User:  LG Chemical Co., Ltd.

Duty:  88.50 MMkcal/hr

Ethylene Pyrolysis Furnace

End User:  Samsung Total Petrochemicals Co., Ltd.

Duty:  94.88 MMkcal/hr

TOC Ethylene Pyrolysis Furnace

End User:  Thai Olefins Co., Ltd.

Duty:  34.52 MMkcal/hr

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