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Fired Heaters

JNK Heaters Company

Steam Reformers

Bedrock International through it's affiliates and partners is able to supply steam reforming furnaces bay collaborating with leading steam reforming technology licensors, i.d. JACOBS, Haldor Topsoe A/S, KBR, and KTI.  The unit below is a down firing steam reformer of JACOBS technology.

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Salalah Methanol Project (Steam Reformer)

End User:  Oman Salalah/GSE&C

Duty:  447 MMkcal/hr

Tertiary Steam Superheater

End User:  Samsung Total Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Duty:  19.05 MMkcal/hr

A steam superheater is used for the generation of high temperature steam required as a heat source for reactions occurring during styrene monomer production processes.  The heater below is the product of JNK's vast furnace engineering experience.

Steam Superheaters

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