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Fired Heaters

JNK Heaters Company

UOP CCR Platforming/AXENS Aromizing Heaters

Platforming/Aromizing heaters are used for catalytic reforming process to convert low octane naphtha into high octane aromatics.  Heaters consist of three (3) or four (4) separate cells but share a common convection section.

For Further inquiry about UOP CCR Platforming/AXENS Aromizing Heaters, Please Contact Us

New Reformer Center

End User:  SK Corp.

Duty:  107.2 MMkcal/hr

Vacuum Charge Heater

End User:  SK Corp.

Duty:  96.13 MMkcal/hr

Platforming Reactor Heater

End User:  Samsung Total Petrochemicals Co., Ltd.

Duty:  137.84 MMkcal/hr

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